Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Giveaway!

Hello blog buddies! I can't believe that I've now posted over 80 recipes. My blog is a lot more work than I ever anticipated but I'm having a great time doing it. Thank you all for the kind e-mails that you've sent me over the last few months. You might be surprised to hear that I've also been sent hate mail…and a few pictures of older ladies in various stages of undress. Grandma – tell your friends to stop sending me those!!!

Many of you faithfully read my blog. As a big thank you to all of my blog buddies, I'm doing a giveaway! I was approached by CSN Stores to help sponsor a giveaway. Over 200 online outlets make up the CSN Stores so you can find ANYTHING you could ever want. I'm actually in the market for some new counter stools and I found some great ones on their website. Take a few minutes and check out their great selection of Counter Stools.

When I was growing up, my mother had a Sunbeam Stand Mixer. It was a workhorse. That mixer lasted years before it gasped its last breath while mixing a batch of thick peppernut dough. When I was browsing around the CSN Stores, I noticed that they also had a bunch of kitchen stuff – including Sunbeam Stand Mixers like my mom had when I was growing up. Check this one out:

I'm feeling rather nostalgic so I thought I would give away a Sunbeam Stand Mixer! Here are the rules:

1) You have to live in the U.S. (for shipping reasons). Sorry international blog buddies! Don't worry – I'll have another giveaway soon that you can enter.
2) To enter, leave a comment at the bottom of this webpage and include the name of the counter stool you like best from Just let me know which one you'd get for your own home! This will help me narrow down my choices.
3) In your comment, please be sure to leave your first name and last initial (such as "Aretha F."). After all, I have to know who's entering!
4) You may leave ONE comment only to enter this contest. Be honest now! Your entry must be received by 5:00 pm (CDT) on Wednesday, March 24.
5) The winner will be chosen at random. You have to then return to my blog on Thursday, March 25 to see if you won. I will then ask the winner to send me an e-mail with their complete name and mailing address for shipping.

Good luck – and thank you CSN Stores for helping to sponsor this wonderful giveaway!


  1. Hello Blog Buddies!
    Due to a known problem with the blogging software I use on this website, you may get an error when you attempt to post a comment. If you try to leave a comment and get an error, simply click the "Post Comment" button again. It should work after clicking the "Post Comment" button one or two additional times.

  2. I've been reading your blog for a while now and I really love it. I've tried a few recipes out on my boyfriend and he has liked all of them! As far as choosing a bar's hard to recommend one since I have no idea what your decorating style is, but I like this one:

    Bethany J.

  3. I like the Hillsdale Montello 27.5" Swivel Counter Stool - 41544. Buy some for me while you're at it.

    Aretha F.

  4. Love your recipes!

    I really like stools with a back to them, so I chose this one:

    Liesal H.

  5. I LOVE those old Sunbeam mixers. My mom always had a kitchen aid, but my grandmother had a Sunbeam. I have SUCH fond memories of baking with her, and using that mixer.

    As for stools, I really like the Hillsdale Garden Back ( Not sure what your style is, but that's what I like!

    -Katie L.

  6. I like the Eurostyle stool--very "Jetsons."

    Jen K.

  7. Hi there - My Kitchen is European with a bit of French influence. I found some amazing Holsag Henry Custom Bar Stool in saphire that would match my counter tops perfectly.

    Keep blogging, I love your blog and its recipes.

    Marna G.

  8. I can't enter your contest but wanted to let you know I was here to read it :)

    Great job on 80 recipes!!! Can't wait to see what other yummy things you have in store :)


  9. I would choose any of the saddle seat counter stools. They are simple with just that bit of a twist. :-)
    Tina H
    (I am overseas, but on a military base so I have an APO address. It works the same as when shipping within the US as long as you ship through the USPS!)

  10. The Holsag Bulldog custom. I like that it comes in so many colors and they look nice and sturdy...a plus in my house. They also have a back to them, which is nice. Noreen J.

  11. I'm still waiting for you to deliver those southwestern egg rolls my family requested...! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I LOVE these stools... But then you know me - I love wrought iron and slate. :) I don't need to enter the contest, but HAD to weigh in on the bar stools. As a noted drunk, I prefer the ones with a back - they are harder to fall off of. SLIGHTLY harder to fall off of... D.

  12. I love your blog. I've tried quite a few recipes and have loved every one.
    As far as a stool goes, it's hard when we don't know your style. I like this one because it looks really comfortable and would go with just about any decor.

    Berkline 24" Savannah Matte Black Cherry Swivel Counter Stool-60112-26 SKU# RZ1070

    Cathy A.

  13. I love all the recipes you post! Also, all the stories you tell along with your recipes... it makes this blog a great read :)
    Now about the stool - I really like the Hillsdale Cierra 26" Swivel Counter Stool - Bear Fabric - 4592-828 SKU #: HF2395 mostly because the cushion looks comfy, it has a back, and I like the neutral color. I like my barstools to have support and comfort! Kaitlyn K.

  14. Congrats on 80 recipes...and yummy ones at that!!! My heart went aflitter when I saw the Pastel Furniture Magnolia Rust 26" Swivel Counter Stool w/ Arms in Moccasin Suede Fabric - MA 217 AR 631 (26")...they'd look fabulous in my kitchen!

    Anne F.

  15. I agree with D...need one with a back on it! I don't know what your kitchen looks like, however, until I get my invite to see your digs I suggest this one:

    Michelle B :)

  16. I love your blog and read it faithfully, and have tried a few of your recipes, and they have all turned out to be great hits with my family. I like the Hillsdale Milan 26" swivel chair the best.

    Suezee O

  17. Hi Vance, congratulations on 80 recipes posted , and the wonderful stories that go with them.
    I like the Boraam Georgia 24 or Florence finish. They look sturdy and comfy and very stylish.
    Lucy W

  18. Hillsdale Counter Swivel Bar Stool. I think you need a back on it, too! Also, swiveling is way fun.

    Efrie F.

  19. Congrats on your milestone!!! It's quite exciting and the stories are fantastically amusing.

    I'm very partial to modern furniture so I would pick the Hillsdale Trenton 24" Swivel Counter Stool with Ivory Seat.

    I look forward to at least 80 more recipes and stories!

    Zahra D.

  20. Found your blog thru PW's Tasty Kitchen site. Looking forward to reading all your recipes/posts.

    I like the Hillsdale Black Cottage Swivel Counter Stool.

    Cherie W.

  21. I love this blog and always get excited to see an email that you've put up both another good story and a great recipe! I like the Holsag Bullldog stool because there are so many colors to choose from. I am just that girly and would totally pick a bunch of them and make my house look like the Skittle factory or something.

    Lara D

  22. LOVE, love, love the Hillsdale Montello 26" Backless Swivel Bar Stool - 4361-827!! Might even get myself 2 of those...gotta save up!!

    Michelle K

  23. If I had to choose, I would probably go with the Hillsdale Garden Back Dark Brown 24" Swivel Counter Stool. I think they would go well in our new home.

    I'm having such fun reading through your recipes!

    Allison P.

  24. Hi! Thanks so much for your blog, I really enjoy it. I liked Hillsdale Jefferson 24" Swivel Counter Stool with Cushion Back - 4975-826SKU #: HF3807. These swivel, have a place to rest your feet and are cushioned. I like a stool that is comfortable enough to enjoy an entire meal without feeling like I must get up and walk around. Lauren S.

  25. Hi Vince,
    Your blog is great, thanks for all the time you put into it! I love the Hillsdale Milan 26" Swivel Counter Stool!

    Marlene M.

  26. Enjoy your blog! I would select the Boraam barstool...looks comfy and would go great in my kitchen! Thanks for a great giveaway and looke forward to more great recipes.

    Vicki N

  27. I just came to your blog via tasty kitchen. I have several new recipes I want to make now...thanks. Chocolate cinnamon rolls. Triple coconut cake. Hello....I wish I had a piece right now!
    The bar stools I would pick are

    Holsag Bulldog Custom 24" - 30" Bar Stool - Custom Stool (7 Sizes /25+ Finishes /80+ Fabrics)

    Thanks for the extra weight gain. :)

    Cindy F

  28. Delurking to enter!
    I think my favorite is the Hillsdale Oak View 24" Swivel Counter Stool With Back in Cherry. The counter stools we have now don't have backs & I wish they did. :)
    Cherie D.

  29. Thanks for all the great reading and recipes. And a contest too??? What a world.

    Emeco 1951 counter stool.

    Nancy K.

  30. My grandma had a sunbeam stand mixer for years. It probably still works.

    I love the Wildon Home Aloha barstools. No back so they may not be the most comfortable. Wish I had someplace to use them in my house.

    Suzanne B

  31. Wildon Home Blodgett 24" Metal Bar Stool with Swivel in Black because I like things that swivel. Patty H.

  32. Diane P.

    I love the Hillsdale Fleur De Lis.. stunning!!

  33. Missy C.
    I like the Boraam Georgia 24, and I really love your blog! I can't wait to try the chocolate cinnamon rolls.

  34. I'm a new reader of yours and you're hilarious!

    I LOVE the Boraam Sumatra 24" Counter Stool in Distressed Oak...reminds me of a picnic basket and would look great in my yellow kitchen!

  35. Hi Vance,
    Found you from Tasty love new recipes so I plan to enjoy all your posts.

    Funny you should ask about bar stools. We just finished renovating our house ( and we added an eat-at counter top. I love it and spent hours shopping for bar stools - finally picked out some that are similar to Wildon Home Aloha 24" high. I want to say that the height is key in comfort...figure the right height for you stools before falling in love with a look!

    Keep up the blogging!

  36. Congrats on your 80 delicious recipes (my favorites are the Tex-Mex ones).

    The Eurostyle 26" Shen Leather Counter Stool is my favorite. Love the clean lines.

    Danna D

  37. I like the Holsag Bulldog Custom chairs. I don't like vinyl or leather when my bare legs could get against them. Then you have your choice of colors, my preference is always blue, but you could go with the always versatile blue. Enjoy your website! :)

    Pam W.

  38. Hi Vince!

    I like this one the best:

    Looks comfy-ish. As comfy as a bar stool can be!

    Jenny T

  39. Oooh. I liked so many of the stools, but I really liked the Boraam 24 in Carson Stool. It has a back on it and would match my decor perfectly.

    Lisa S.

  40. Love your recipes!!! I like the European Style Stool.

    LeeAnn H.

  41. I like the country look kinda. Usually go for more of a modern edge, but the Woodbridge Home Designs 751 Series 24" Barstool in Distressed Weathered Black with Antique Cherry Seat - 751-24, seemed nice!! My big thing is having two rungs to rest feet on-- one higher for short people, and one lower down for taller people!

  42. I like the Wildon Home Aloha 24" Stool in Oak. My mom also had a Sunbeam, and even though I love my KitchenAid now that I have a Beater Blade, I am so nostalgic about the Sunbeam that I'd rather use that for most of my mixing!

    Joy P. :)

  43. How the heck could you get hate mail for sharing recipes?! Crazy!

    I like the Hilldale Cierra 26" Swivel Counter Stool. Not too fancy-schmany AND the swivel (big selling point for me!) Thanks for hosting the giveaway:)

    Jennie W.

  44. I love the Boraam Augusta 24" Counter Stool in Cappuccino.

    Shawn P

  45. The Boraam Cathederal counter stool is kind of neat.

    brandi w.

  46. I'm loving the Booram Sumatra stools!

    Becky F.

  47. I love your recipies! I'm trying the chocolate cinnamon buns this afternoon (my own bun in the oven is craving them!)

    The Eurostyle Agnes Adjustible Swivel Stool 0435X would be my pick, would look great in my kitchen and hopefully yours!

    All the Best

    Melissa H.

  48. We just bought four bar stools a couple of years ago and sat on MANY! You want a comfortable swivel stool with a foot rest at the right height. I chose a model close to what we bought: Trica Freshman 27" Swivel Counter Stool - Customizable (51 Fabrics / 11 Finishes). You can choose your finish and fabric!

    Kathy H.

  49. Carolina Cottage Tavern 30" Barstool in Walnut - TS30-WAL. Dark wood with classic lines, so your food is the star of the show not the chairs. :)

    Tracy K

  50. I love your blog! thanks for all of your hard work. Here's my fav: Hillsdale Fairfield 26" Swivel Counter Stool - 4706-827. Looks sturdy (good for those of us with a little meat on our bones... or whatever it is that makes me appear "fluffy"), and looks very comfy. Have fun picking one!!

  51. I like this one:, the Holsag Carole and it looks like a lot of other people do, too. My think is that I want barstools to be comfy and they must have a back.

    Rebecca H.

  52. I like the Wildon Home Blodgett stool - simple & elegant. The Hillsdale Montello is very cool, though. Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. love,love,love your recipies thanks! I like the Boraam Augusta in Cappuccino. Good luck with your choice, it is so hard to decide...
    Debbie R.

  54. Hey Vince, just found this blog. I can't wait to try some of the recipes! I guess my choice would be Home Styles Contour 24" Counter Stool in White with Natural Seat. I'm a pretty simple (left -brained) girl! :D

    Cyndy H

  55. I just found your blog via Tasty Kitchen a few days ago and just HAD to subscribe to it. I loved every single one of your recipes. One especially made me super excited because I LOVE the Baja Sauce from Taco Bell. GREAT JOB! I also thought the PB & J bars look really great and will be trying those this week hopefully.

    I have been to the All Barstools website many times before and each time I find myself liking the same one. I really love the Holsag Bulldog Custom 24" - 30" Bar Stool because of many reasons. First, as others said, you must have a back on any stool for comfort and secondly that one is wonderfully made with the mortise and tennison joints. Most of all, I'm having a very hard time deciding between two styles for the revamping of our kitchen and that stool is timeless and can work in either style because they offer such a wide range of color choices. I LOVE that they offer so many colors in that stool too and they would be super easy to keep clean and anything spilled on them won't stain. I do like the stools with fabrics but they can stain so easily plus I do like the look of wood with its simple lines much more.


  56. I love the old-fashioned Regal Caracau with the red seat. It brings me right back to the neighborhood soda fountain of my childhood.

    Another childhood friend's family had a mixer exactly like the one in your picture--my family didn't. How I loved going to her house to mix up concoctions!!!

    I found you from the Tasty Kitchen site and will be back daily! Thank you!

    Bridget P.

  57. Hello,

    I like this barstool...

    I like it to swivel, have a padded back and a square, not round, seat for better comfort. This one costs more than I would spend but I really like it. I don't know the decor in your home either.

    Tammra S.

  58. I am a child of the 50's and therefore, I have to go with the retro red vinyl:

    May there be no shells in your scrambled eggs.

  59. Wildon Home Ashland 24" Stool in Natural, but only because they match the dining set I have now. If I win the lottery I'll buy the $400 ones!
    Pam C.

  60. I would choose the counter stool on sale, Hillsdale Milan 26", not only because it caught my eye and would fit in with my decor, but also because it is a sixty dollar savings. However, if I didn't like it, the sale wouldn't be a deciding factor. If I were going to purchase a backless counter stool, I would purchase the Hillsdale Fleur De Lis 24". It is very nice, also. Happy shopping and know that I love your blog! It is great to read your blog and also to hear about you from my cousin, Sue! I love your recipes!

    Brenda M.

  61. Hi Vince Congrats on your blog entries. Love your site. I like the Carolina Cottage Hawthorne Antique Black counter stools. Thanks for the give-a-way!!!! "Connie B"

  62. I would go with "Hillsdale Pompei 24" Swivel Counter Stool - 4442-826" because it perfectly matches the new house we're closing on this week!
    -shirley s

  63. I like the Hillsdale Pacifico 26" Swivel Counter Stool in Black - 4137-826

    Just found your site via tasty Kitchen, loving it!!!

    Rhonda F.

  64. I personally like both the Hillsdale Kingstown 24" and the "Hillsdale Fleur De Lis 24".

    Ebony F.

  65. I didn't know you had a blog until your excellent profile today on Tasty Kitchen. I'm a former Kansas girl; loved that area of the country - great, friendly people and wonderful food. I would choose this one:
    Sleek - stylish and it has a back - a must.

    Thanks - Barbara W.

  66. I like the old pub feel of the Boraam Augusta 24" Counter Stool in Cappuccino - 48824SKU #: BAA1003
    Gina M

  67. I love the Linon 24" Vega counter stool in espresso. I love then!

    Jen S.

  68. Kelli E. kelsue1@gmail.comMarch 22, 2010 at 10:55 AM

    Halsaq bulldog. I like the simplicity and colors.

  69. Hi! I love your blog - so many yummy recipes and great ideas!

    I really like the Great American Barstools 24" Espresso Saddle Stool - SS24

    Stephanie B :)

  70. Asthetically, I'd go with the Wildon Home Aloha 24" Stool in Dark Walnut. But for funky fun and comfortable seating, I think I'd choose the eurostyle swivel stool. Depends on the setting.

    Cool blog, p.s.
    Mariah M

  71. i like this one:

    but i'd really like it better if it had a square seat.

    alyce l.

  72. The Holsaq Carole is nice and doesn't look like it would dump my spin-around-in-the-stool crazy kids on the floor, since it doesn't spin.

    My current stools don't have padding. A design flaw that I will correct as we renovate over the next few years.

    Keri C.
    auburngalalways at gmail dot com

  73. I would choose these for my (currently nonexistent) bar:

    Woodbridge Home Designs 5302 Series Stool in Oak - 5302A-18 / 5302A-24 / 5302A-29

    Love your Tasty Kitchen profile and recipes...and the photos are lovely too.

    Kirsty S.

  74. Just found your blog & love it so far! Plus, I've been eyeing up stand mixers for quite some time! :-) My favorite bar stool is the Powell Parsley one on the first page at the bottom. I tend to like simple lines.

    Dori E.

  75. I like the TMS 24" Double Cross Back Bar Stool in Black - 17524BLK. Just came across your site by way of Tasty Kitchen and I'm already making one of your recipes tonight =)

    Dana B.

  76. I really like the Hillsdale counter Stool- Delray 26". It's simple and sleek.

    Amanda J

  77. Love your recipes and comments. I, too, like to try new ones and cook a lot but have never had a stand mixer and would LOVE one. Even have an appliance garage to put it in.
    Stools...hmm, must have a back, padded seat and swivel. Like the Hillsdale Black Cottage swivel counter stool.

  78. I like the Woodbridge Home Designs 5302 Series Stool in Oak... reminds me of my time in Japan. I think this would go with your decor in your place. Looks exotic or even old world. Plus I like that you could sit on it sideways if you wanted.

    Nathaniel A. - Or as Vince knows me, 'Morn' the lovable regular at Rom's!

  79. I have to say I'm partial to the Hillsdale O'shea Backless Counter Stool in Brown Cherry - 63454-826
    ( I like swivels and softness.


  80. Nicci M.

    The Hillsdale Cierra Black 26" Swivel Counter Stool! Its pretty classy looking, and it SWIVELS! (a must for my home)

  81. I like the Holsag Bulldog stools, in different, coordinating colors.

    Andrea O.

  82. For a contemporary look - Chintaly Audrey X back. For a traditional look - Powell Parsley 24" swivel.

    Diane P.

  83. I like the asian style barstools:
    Wildon Home Aloha 24" Stool in Dark Walnut - 180069

    Thanks also for the homemade ketchup recipe. I'll need to make homemade ketchup now because commercial ketchup contains corn syrup. Allergic.

    Wendy M.

  84. I really like the Wilden Home "Soho" 24".

    Linda G.

  85. Love the Eurostyle stools!
    AND love your blog:)

  86. I liked the Tempo Brazilia counter stool!

    Shannon C.

  87. Just found your blog and can't wait to come back to browse through more of your recipes. I've already bookmarked several I want to try this week.

    I'm kinda partial to the Hillsdale Cierra 26" Swivel Counter Stool - Bear Fabric - 4592-828 SKU #: HF2395

    It looks really comfy

  88. I found the link to your blog through Tasty Kitchen and love your recipes. I have two stools I've looked at several times now and still haven't decided for myself. They're the American Heritage Jensen (love the square design) and the Wildon Home Oloha in the Oak and Black (love the asian look). However, neither of these have backs so you may not like that aspect.

    Melody J


    for a few reasons, trhe main one I love that you can adjust the height and it looks like it wouldn't be too uncomfortable to sit on backwards whenc is a big criteria when you're at a counter/bar stool.

    PS. I am so sorry I'm so late coming to your blog, I promise to return day after day, because I can.

    Denise P.

  90. first time on your blog - and I'm hooked! my preference is for the emeco stool - depending on your counter height and the style you currently have would determine the finish you select.
    Peggy c

  91. Lind A. likes the "Hillsdale Kingstown 24" Swivel Counter Stool in Black Finish" Love your food too!

  92. I like the Powell Parsley 24" swivel stool. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Sarah W.

  93. Hi! I just clicked over here from PW's Tasty Kitchen--printed off a few of your recipes & will now add you to my favorites list.
    My favorite bar stool is:
    Hillsdale Venus Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool in Fawn Faux Suede.

    Betty C.

  94. would help to know something about your style...but I like the Wildon Home Aloha 24"...and you would have lots of different color options.

    This is my first visit to your blog -- and I can tell I'll be back regularly. Lots of yummy recipes to try!

    Catharine H

  95. I like the Powell Parsley swivel counterstool-have three just like it!

    Shannon T.

  96. First off, congrats on being the featured member on Tasty ROCK!
    Ok, ok, ok, since I REALLY need that stand mixer, let me get down to it, I would pick the Wildon Home Aloha Stool in Walnut. I like the simple, clean lines and the curve for the ass area makes it look oh so comfortable!

    ~Sieglinde R
    AKA, Siggy Spice

  97. Hello,
    My favorite bar stool is Wildon Home Blodgett Metal Bar Stool w/swivel. I have added you to my favorite list. Heard about you through Tasty Kitchen. Great recipes...thanks!

  98. Love your site! My mom told me about it! I like

    Ali E

  99. Hey there! I found you through Tasty Kitchen and love what I've seen so far.

    Ok, for the giveaway...I'd go with Johnston Casuals 4-Score Backless Contemporary Barstool - 2018SKU #: JCS1017. It's way more contemporary than my usual style but perfect for a card/game table in my gameroom. The kiddos would love it! That probably doesn't help you with your choice, but it's mine. :)

    Brenda G.

  100. I like: Hillsdale Pacifico 26" Swivel Counter Stool in Black - 4137-826

    Michelle J.

  101. Just found you on Tasty Kitchen and made copies of some of your recipes! That fried rice is calling me! I like the Regal Ribiero stool because it swivels and the seat and back look comfortable. Lindie M

  102. So glad Ree featured you on TK - I'm subscribing to you and I don't suppose you have pics of the cake landing on the dog? No? I had to ask!

    My favorite bar stool is Hillsdale Universal 26" Wood Swivel Counter Stool. Normally I wouldn't go for something so formal, but my kitchen, eating area and living room are all in one big area. An aluminum saddle seat just wouldn't look right. Also hubby is a big guy and the idea of him perched on a small seat is well, not a pretty sight!

    Pamela L.

  103. Love all of your recipes. I keep coming back to yours on Tasty Kitchen!

    Now for the bar stool...I would probably go with the Hillsdale Corsica Swivel 24.5" Counter Stool with Vinyl Seat in Brown. It's got a back, it's got cushioning, it swivels and it's attractive. :-)

    -Becki D.

  104. Just found your blog thru Tasty Kitchen. Looking forward to looking thru your posts and getting some ideas.

    As far as the giveaway - my fave stool is the Carolina Cottage Hudson in Chestnut. Beautiful. All these seem really reasonably priced.

  105. talking of nostalgia, my grandmother had these bar stools, almost exactly like the ones we have still to this day at our bar, they are comfortable and fun. My grandparents were pretty wild for their time.

    Regal Caracau 26" Backless Metal Swivel Counter Stool - 1107
    SKU #: JY1230

    Courtney H.

  106. Love your recipes & the cool stand mixer giveaway!

    My favorite bar stool is very modern and kinda pricey:

    on the other end of the price spectrum I like this one b/c it's equal parts old timey & modern looking with a slightly Asian look. Would look great in most any home!

  107. Imperial Swivel Bar Stool in Honey...gorgeous!

  108. Although a tad elegant for my house, I love the copper backed Hillsdale Milan 26" swivel counter stool - the featured item - after scrolling through approx 10 pages, I still liked this one the best. My counter stools are actually hand hewn wooden ones we found in Mexico - rustic is the "designer" word to describe them.
    Patricia V.

  109. My favorite stool is definitely Diamond Sofa Contemporary Counter Stool in Dark Walnut - very cool!

    Love your blog - so glad it was featured on Tasty Kitchen!
    Jennifer W

  110. Hey Vince! Thanks for doing this contest - what a great thing!

    Since I don't know what your other decor looks like it's hard to know what would go well. But I actually like the featured stool: Hillsdale Milan 26" Swivel Counter Stool - 4527-827. It also comes in black I think. But I like the copper personally.

    I'm always uncomfortable when a bar stool has slats or bars for the backing... but this stool has a solid curved back that looks like I could sit in it awhile. ;o)

    Hope that helps - and thanks again!
    Debbie Barnett (The Perfect Bite)

  111. My favorite barstool is Hillsdale Kingstown 24" Swivel Counter Stool in Black Finish - 4960-824V. Very cool place to look at, especially since my boyfriend and I are redecorating! Though I've been reading your blog for awhile, Tasty Kitchen left me wondering what University you work for! I'm a Jayhawk!

    -Tiffany S.

  112. Emilee D.

    My favorite barstool is Boraam Augusta 24" Counter Stool in Black.

    I have loved reading your blog and following your recipes. Having you as the feature on Tasty Kitchen was quite exciting.

    Emilee D.

  113. Found your site via Tasty Kitchens. You my dear are a detriment to my diet plans!!! I almost got lost over at the bar stool site. I could shop there for hours. I like the 2 Day 32" Leather Stave Stool. I also liked the Great American Barstools Medium finish saddle stool but it only came in 24". Bummer. Thanks for all the great recipes. I'll be sending you a bill when I have to buy bigger jeans...
    Dawn C.

  114. I like the Holsag Carol Custom 24"-30" Barstool the best! Simple and elegant with clean lines. Or was I just describing myself? Well, the barstool's pretty goodlookin' too!

    Melissa M.

  115. I like the sleek lines and retro feel of this one, the Regal Capo Grande:

    Enjoyed your profile on Tasty Kitchen!

  116. Hi Vince! What a hard question ... I think it depends on the decor of your home, mostly! BUT, my personal preferences are Holsag Carole Custom (comfy, classic, nice spot for short people like me to hook their feet, not overly ornate)... And any of the "saddle stools". Although they have no back so aren't for long-term sitting, they're lightweight, durable, easy to tuck away, clean lines. Good luck with your choices!!
    Bridgette S.

  117. My faborite barstool is Wildon Home Kremmling 24" Bar Stool with Cross Back Fabric Seat in Cappuccino.

  118. Hillsdale Oak View counter stool with back in cherry (4390-826). The style is classic . The stool looks comfortable and I like cherrywood. Joan P

  119. I like the American Heritage brand, Havana style. Modern yet classical, perfect.

  120. I really like the American Heritage Jensen Bar Stool.

    It's very clean and not ornate at all so it can fit into a lot of different decorating themes. Plus it has no back support so they can tuck under the bar overhang and not detract from the ambiance of the room.

  121. I'm liking the Hillsdale Universal 26" Wood Swivel Counter Stool. Looks comfy, and I like that it has the ease of the swivel seat but with the lines of a stationary bar stool.

    Congrats on 80 recipes!
    Susan B.

  122. Not too modern; not too clunky --
    Wildon Home Blodgett 24" Metal Bar Stool with Swivel in Black - 2395
    Carol B

  123. I love the Holsag Bulldog Custom 24" - 30" Bar red of course. How fun would it be to have on in every color! Just found your blog and am salivating over all your recipes!

    adamandem at yahoo dot com

  124. That is a lot of bar stools! I would pick the Wildon Home 24" in Black and Cherry. I really like Cherry wood.

    Sheila B

  125. My favorite stool is: Woodbridge Home Designs 5302 Series Stool in Oak

    - Carra C

  126. Myfavorite stool is: Woodbridge Home Designs 5302 Series Stool in Oak.

    Carra C

  127. Sherry A.

    I love your recipes, but even more I love your stories. Keep them coming!!! :-)
    I like the Trica Arthur II swivel stool. Gotta lean back comfortably after eating all that food!

  128. I found your blog through Tasty Kitchen. You had me the minute I saw the chocolate cinnamon rolls!

    As far as a counter stool, I love the modern look of the sleek steel silver one with the purple cushion:

    You'd have to have the right decor in your home for it to work though.

    Tina C.

  129. Hi! You're interview at Tasty Kitchen was so funny! I loved it. I might try the ketchup and saltines, for me it was always ketchup and ruffels potato chips. The chair I like is the Regal Caracau 26" backless metal swivel counter stool. I just saw a ceiling fan that matched it at the hardware store. Whatever you get, make sure it is sturdy and doesn't tip.

  130. I love the Hillsdale Black Cottage Swivel. Clean lines and good detailing...

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

    Natali N

  131. Vince so MANY stools to pick from, I like the Montello 27.5 swivel counter chair, I actually need some for my kitchen too!! I can't wait to try some of your receipes!!!

    Dennise D

  132. IMHO, a bar stool should have a back and swivel, so I'd go with the Hillsdale Hanover 24" Swivel Counter Stool.

  133. paid my first visit to your blog today.. I'll be back! :)
    As for the barstool - Hillsdale Pacifico.
    Charkie C (its not a typo it really is Charkie)

  134. I like the saddle style, like the 5302 series.
    - Misty W.

  135. This bar stool is similiar to the ones I bought about 4 years ago. I really love the way they look.
    Happy shopping!!
    Brenda T

  136. Hillsdale Ambrosia 26" Swivel stool - That's what I would want, if i had a breakfast bar or something. Congrats on being featured on Tasty Kitchen, by the way, and thanks for doing this giveaway! I have a bunch of your recipes in my community recipe box, and as soon as we get moved into our new home and my kitchen items are unpacked, I intend to try every single one of them!!!

    Laurel H.

  137. I like the Carolina Accents Thoroughbred Backless Swivel Counter Stool because it has a wide seat and I need that. Love the handles so you can swing around and hang on!
    Sarah W.

  138. I like Carolina Cottage Essex 24" Barstool with Black Stripe Fabric Seat in Chestnut - U6324-NC-BS. Super cute!
    Katie D.

  139. I like the Hillsdale Kingstown 24" Swivel Counter Stool in Black Finish. I think they are very rich looking!

    Heather S.

  140. Found your blog through the Tasty Kitchen blog - great recipes!

    I love this stool: 2 Day 25" Winemaster's Stave Bench - WV109
    SKU #: DDT1036

    It's simply gorgeous and probably smells good too!

    Emma F.

  141. Love your recipes fellow Kansan! As far as barstools I really like the Holsag Carole, because it is classic, simple and timeless. I saw many that I loved but I tend to be practical.

    Amy H

  142. Holsag Bulldog Custom Stools are fantastic, but they may just because I love bright colors in my kitchen!
    Kelly T.

  143. Holsag Bulldog Custom Stool. The bright colors are fantastic!
    -Kelly T

  144. I have never seen so many bar stools. I like the Telescope Casual the best. I love having a back and arm rests plus swivel. Good luck deciding.
    Suzy T

  145. I'll tell you what I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Eurostyle Agnes Adjustable Swivel Stool. I've been checking them out at Target and refuse to pay what they are asking. This website is a bit tempting!!! P.S. Thanks so much for accepting my friend request on TK...never thought I'd get a Kansas Dude friend :)
    KansasChick aka Polly P

  146. I really like the Boraam Augusta 24" Counter Stool in Cappuccino. Every kitchen needs cool bar stools- and it looks like they have plenty to choose from!
    Rachel W.

  147. My favorite is Wildon Home Aloha 24" Stool in
    Walnut - 180109SKU #: CST2107.
    -Kristen A.

  148. This stool is amazing!!

    Jen R.

  149. I like the Boraam Augusta.

    Carol P


    These type of stools are really comfortable even though they don't have a back

    Megan K.

  151. Cheryll C.. loves the Hillsdale Tiburon II 24" Swivel Counter Stool.

  152. I love the Holsag Bulldog Custom Barstool, I'd have to go with the Paprika finish! Paprika is my favorite spice.

    Margie S.

  153. Love your blog. Follow you on Tasty Kitchen too. (Congrats on being Featured Member!). Well I picked

    Leslie B.

  154. I enjoy a nice glass of wine so I am attracted to the stave stool. However, if i were going to purchase one for my house i would look for a sleek and simple design. I recommend instead of purchasing a stool online, you try out the stool. Sit it in and see if its comfortable. Would guests feel comfortable? People rarely purchase shoes without trying them on, and my guess is that you will keep these stools longer than a pair of shoes. Just a thought.

    Annie G.

  155. I like this one the best:

    Hillsdale Black Cottage Swivel Counter Stool

    Got to have a swivel stool!

    Callie R

  156. Holsag Henry Custom Bar Stool (24" - 30" Seats) - Custom Stool (7 Sizes /25+ Finishes /80+ Fabrics)SKU #: HA1001

    I like all the different colors you could get in these! Would depend on the other decor in your house - Love your blog!

    Lisa W

  157. It's so hard to choose. But if I have to I suppose it's a tie between:
    Magis Lyra Stool-

    Magis Stool One-

    I really like clean lines with a modern flare. Too bad my dorm room doesn't have any room- even for a stool!

    Shannon W.

  158. Loving the Eurostyle Agnes. Not sure how comfy it would be, but really like the look.
    Lisa M

  159. I like this one ==> Wildon Home Blodgett 24" Metal Bar Stool with Swivel in Black - 2395 for a variety of reasons.

    1. It has a back which I think is always more comfortable, and I like the way this one does a partial "wrap". I could see myself with an elbow or an arm up on the back of it.

    2. It's black which means you can probably fit it into any decor you might have.

    3. I like the clean lines. I'm all about less is more and again, it would seem that this is something that would fit into a lot of different decors.

    4. It swivels. Always nice to be able to reposition easily without having to pick the stool up and move it.

    Claire W.

  160. I really like these!

    Found you thru PW...I am in love!

    Tara C.

  161. Oooh, I love the Hillsdale Milan 26 inch counter stool! Very visually appealing.

    Natalie C.

  162. You said to pick what *I* like right?... Well I like the Holsag Henry Custom Bar Stool... Fits my style and I love the color choices... Have fun with your choice!

    Beverly S.

  163. Hey Vince...Found your blog tonight and have read almost all 80 entries. Really great recipes.
    Be sure to pick a barstool with a back and padded seat that swivels.

    I like Hillsdale Van Draus.

  164. This is the one I like the best - "Wildon Home Soho" as it looks very substantial and yet modern.

  165. I like this one:

    I'm not really sure what your style is, but that one's rather sweet. I just came here from TK, and am looking forward to making some of your recipes!

    -Liz D.

  166. I love this barstool: Wildon Home Kremmling 24" Bar Stool with Cross Back Fabric Seat in Cappuccino (Set of 2) - 5847. I got some very similar ones a couple weeks ago for my computer desk - blog reading is so much better on a good solid chair! :)

    Your blog is great! I love new recipes and a new mixer would help me make my whoopie pies!!

    Tish H

  167. I really like this one:

    I think it would be fun to have several colors, but my favorite is the red.

    Found your blog thanks to the Tasty Kitchen your site.

    Diane W.

  168. Hillsdale Montello
    Judy M.

  169. First off I want to say I love your blog and all your yummy recipes!

    I would get the Hillsdale Corsica Swivel 24.5" Counter Stool with Vinyl Seat in Brown. We have some similar ones and they are sooo comfy!

    Take Care!

    Marioly T.


    these look wide and comy with armrests.

    Kerr E

  171. My mother also had a Sunbeam mixer

    I liked the Hillsdale, Black Cottage Swivel Counter Stool

    Susie H

  172. Dixie Seating Carolina Ladder Back 24" Bar Stool
    is my choice - it fits my style. Your blog is great. I discovered it via Tasty Kitchen. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    -Karie A.

  173. I would go with the Boraam barstools. And, I prefer a dark wood stain on the legs. These are great because the seat offers a neat texture element to the room. I have a set that are very similar to these from World Market, and they're actually comfortable too. Good luck barstool shopping! Amanda P.

  174. The "Hillsdale". Does it also mean the winner of the mixer will be the decider of your chair?
    (Just kidding.)
    Thanks for the add on TK. You have many interesting recipes. TIA.
    I'll have to do more checking-out of your website, too.

  175. First time reader, what luck that there's a giveaway! Can't wait to read all your recipes, they look so good!
    I like the Boraam Augusta 24" Counter Stool, but all the stools are so interesting, I'd be tempted to get a couple complimentary ones. Thanks!

    -Gretchen L.

  176. First (but not last) time reading your it!!

    Can I please join the giveaway?

    The really cool purple stools are what I'd buy!

    Holsag Bulldog Custom 24" - 30" Bar Stool - Custom Stool (7 Sizes /25+ Finishes /80+ Fabrics)

    Yes...that one!



  177. The Hillsdale Garden Back Dark Brown 24" Swivel Counter Stool is nice. Thanks! ~ Jessica M.

  178. What a great idea for a give-away. I like the Hillsdale Van sounds and looks sooo dramatic:

    Gina R.

  179. As a woodworker I appreciate the clean lines of the Wildon Home Aloha 24" Stool in Oak, utilitarian yet pleasant to look at.
    My woodworking is guided by the Shaker design philosophy:
    "Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don't hesitate to make it beautiful."
    Frank S.
    Arlington, TX

  180. I like the american heritage jensen barstool

    Brittany K

  181. I like this one....Hillsdale Pompei 24" Swivel Counter Stool - 4442-826. Shea G.

  182. I'm older and if I'm going to sit a while at a counter, I need a bar stool that has a soft seat with a back on it. I liked the Hillsdale Swivel that had the adjustable height. Maxine R.

  183. This is my first time to read your blog, but it won't be my last! Excited to find out about you on Tasty Kitchen.

    I've never seen so many bar stools in one place before. I sure hope we can help narrow down your search! There were several great ones - the height may not work with your bar, though. One that caught my eye was the Myriad 30" Metal Swivel Bar Stool. You can pick the metal finish and the desired vinyl for the seat. The construction is really good, too. Good luck, and thanks for the giveaway! Donna F.

  184. Hillsdale Milan..... too bad I don't have a bar I need them at. Wow, would it look spectacular in my kitchen !!

    Maria D

  185. I love the Hillsdale Milan 26" Swivel Counter Stool. Oh!, the curves......
    P Busch

  186. I just love the
    Hillsdale Milan 26" Swivel Counter Stool.
    Oh, the curves!!

  187. eurostyle agnes adjustable swivel stool, so retro!! Maddy B

  188. I like this barstool the best:
    Woodbridge Home Designs 5302 Series Stool in Oak

    Gena D.

  189. I love your recipes!! I've made a shopping list to get the things I need for you tres cocos cake! I can't wait to try it!

    As for the barstool, I like the Wildon Home Roggen 29" Swivel Bar Stool in Satin Black - 2398

    I have a high counter!

  190. I'd get the Johnston Casuals 4-Score Backless Contemporary in with a black seat.
    Cathie J.

  191. I absolutely love the Caluco Swivel bar Stool that comes with the optional cushion!

    We do not have any room in our home for a bar stools, so I thought it would be the nicest treat to have one outside for when I am watching my kids playing- just in time for summer! Thank you do much for the opportunity. :)

    -Ginny L.

  192. I'm new to your blog but absolutely LOVE it. Wonderful recipes and stories.
    As for barstools we actually purchased 4 Boraam Cordova 29" Backless Bar Stools - 30032 from CSN a couple of years ago. We love them.
    barbara p

  193. I like simple and wood. We have something similar to the "winsome" in our home, but I also really like the saddle style barstools in a dark wood finish.

  194. Oooo, a Sunbeam Mixer!

    My parents have bar stools in their house similar to the Woodbridge Home Designs 5302 Series STool in Black Sand-Through, and we all like them very much. Good luck making a decision.

    I'm Katie B.

  195. DoriY: I like the Holsang Bulldog Custom Bar Stool because the legs are straight and you, your family and guests won't catch their big toe on them while walking by.

  196. I like the Powell Honey Brown 24" Saddleseat Counter Stool. Looks a little bit rustic. I like rustic.

    Stacy O.

  197. Hillsdale Milan 26" Swivel Counter Stool - 4527-827

    Is beautiful!

  198. Great site. I've been lurking for awhile now.
    As for stools, I love that website. Wish I knew about it before I bought my own stools. I like the Boraam Augusta 24 inch in Capuccino. I like anything capuccino :)
    Aimee S.

  199. I would probably get the Regal Campino 26" Metal Swivel Counter Stool. Why? Because I think it's pretty retro looking and we have a weird house filled with mostly red walls and black decorations....oh, and a poptart poster. Did I just admit that?!

  200. I must say that I love Powell Parsley 24" Swivel Counter Stool - 367-728SKU #: PW3220!!! I think I'm in love! :)


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